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Sheet Extraction from BIM

The consultants are increasingly insisting to the contractors to extract 2D drawings from approved 3D Models. This is simply the best way to have a drawing that reflects the actual site conditions and coordinated designs!

It is common that the consultants require creation of every sheet deliverables (general, section, elevation) from 3D Models. The Contractors needs to generate 2D drawings for the use by the construction crew at site.

When the site changes are handled, and the designs are coordinated in the BIM environment, it is only practical to extract drawings from BIM models.

Our team can extract 2D drawings at all stages of the project, be it for presentation of the schematic design, or drawings for the construction tender, or construction drawings for the site use, or as-built drawings for handover to the clients.

Contact us to produce 2D drawings for your project 3D Models.